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Art & Design Careers

The Art in the Artificial (PEC, Nesta 2020)

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play an important role in the creative industries in the future. AI algorithms are already recommending creative content on websites such as Spotify and Netflix, and recent developments in AI have further enhanced the ability of algorithms to analyse image, text and sound data that are found throughout the creative industries. Against this background, the report…
December 29, 2021
Cultural Policies

Cultural Economy in Switzerland (FSO 2020)

In accordance with an agreement with the Federal Office of Culture (FOC), the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has compiled new statistics on the cultural industry in Switzerland. The definition of cultural industries used is based on the specifications of the EU statistics office (Eurostat). In contrast to the broader "creative economy" approach, which also includes IT and software as well…
December 29, 2021
Criticism & Theory

Technology and Innovation Report 2021

" Human development in recent decades has been accompanied by rapid changes in technology and an increasing proliferation of digitized devices and services. And the pace of change seems likely to accelerate as a result of “frontier technologies” such as artificial intelligence (AI),  robotics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. These technologies have already brought enormous benefits – dramatically highlighted in 2020 by the accelerated development…
December 29, 2021
Smart Cities

Cities, Culture, …

Leveraging culture and creativity for sustainable urban development and inclusive growth - new report from UNESCO/World Bank Culture and creativity have untapped potential to deliver social, economic, and  spatial benefits for cities and communities. Cultural and creative industries  are  key drivers of the creative economy and represent important sources of  employment, economic growth, and innovation, thus contributing to city  competitiveness…
December 29, 2021
Smart Cities

Scientific Monitoring

Digitalisation, globalisation, migration and increasing mobility are changing society, and with it cultural production, distribution and reception. Cultural funding from the City of Zurich is aimed at taking account of this fast pace of change and reflecting the realities of a rapidly changing world. Against this backdrop, the Cultural Affairs Office has initiated the project «Kultur Labor Zürich» project and…
December 29, 2021
Smart Cities

Stillstand! Welcher Stillstand?

Die Kreativen tragen einen grossen Teil zum Schweizer Wohlstand bei. Jetzt geht es für viele von ihnen ums Überleben. Andere aber werden von der Krise profitieren. Von Martina Läubli und Peer Teuwsen (Text) und Elisa Forster (Infografik) Mit Aussagen, die die Zukunft betreffen, sollte man vorsichtig sein, gerade angesichts dieses Virus. Aber eins ist schon heute sicher: Der Wirtschaftszweig der…
May 7, 2021

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